Weymouth Town Council Meeting Scheduled

Olive and Tickle really want to play in Paw Meadow Dog Park!

Olive and Tickle really want to play in Paw Meadow Dog Park!

By: Sarah Delory
Posted: November 13, 2018

After securing the approval of the Braintree Town Council last Wednesday, it is time for us to take our project over to the Weymouth for their support. Next Monday, November 19th, the Weymouth Town Council will vote on whether or not to support our dog park being built in Pond Meadow Park. We need you. The Town Council needs to see that this park has the support of the entire community. Please join us at the the Town Council Chambers at 7:30pm to show your support. This vote is critical to the park moving forward. 

Since there appears to be some confusion about exactly what we are proposing, we want to be perfectly clear that we are not planning a clear cut, open field style dog park. We want to retain the natural environment and charm that makes Pond Meadow so special. We plan on leaving as many trees as possible, similar to the park in Randolph, and will plant a tree in the same area for any trees that we may have no choice but to remove. The dogs will then be able to run around the big trees while the smaller brush will be cleared. The park will be tucked behind the overflow parking and covered pavilion so it will not be along the walking trails and should no way disturb other patrons. The intent is that the dog park be as invisible and unobtrusive as is reasonably possible.

We would all agree that Pond Meadow Park is one of the crown jewels of Braintree. Pond Meadow is 320 acres. The dog park is an acre and a half. We’re not planning on destroying the park for the sake of the dog park - just putting up some fencing and allocating a small portion of the park for a different use.

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