Braintree Town Council Passes Pond Meadow Dog Park Location!

Tickle takes a break after working so hard to get the location chosen.

Tickle takes a break after working so hard to get the location chosen.

By: Sarah Delory
Posted: November 8, 2018

We sent out the call and you all listened! Last night, to an audience filled with dozens of our supporters, the Braintree Town Council unanimously voted to support the Pond Meadow Dog Park location. This was a huge win for our organization. We have been diligently working with Mayor Sullivan’s office since July 2017 to get this location decided, so to be one step closer is unbelievable. While we celebrate this victory, we can’t loose sight of the fact that we aren’t quite there yet… we still need to pass the hurdles that are the Weymouth Town Council and the Pond Meadow Board.

Having met with the Pond Meadow Board to discuss this project before, we are fairly confident that they support our efforts. They have had Board Member and Park Ranger representatives at all of the various walkthroughs and seem to agree with us that this can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Since we have not yet approached the Weymouth Town Council it is harder to gauge their level of support, but we are confident we can win them over with our plan, however we definitely feel that generating as large a turnout for that meeting as we did for the Braintree Town Council Meeting will help. We hope you stay tuned so you can come to the Weymouth Town Council meeting and help us get this location secured!

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